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Protein Bars

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Almonds - high in vitamins & minerals, low in saturated fat, no cholesterolFor many of us, especially meat eaters, getting enough protein is not a problem. However, the more active you are, especially if you're a highly competitive or endurance athlete, the more calories than the average person you require, and with the fast-paced lifestyles and plethora of junk food available around us, it's somtimes difficult to get that quick convenient healthy snack.

Apples - High in fiber and boronEarl Ellingsen comes from West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His mom, a nutritional health food caterer for athletes and sports teams, used to prepare an all-fruit bar in her kitchen, which Earl would take with him to munch on while he was at university. Earl and Trish (Earl's wife), both avid runners, decided to sell his mom's healthy bars after they graduated from university. This bar is now available to the public.

Gleaned from his mom's original recipe, they call their bar ELEV8Me! and market it in a variety of flavors. There are only a handful of ingredients in the low-fat bars.

Elev8 Me! Bars

Only organic / unsulphured whole dried fruit
Gluten Free & Wheat Free
Not a bar! 66g 3 packs for serving convenience
Not baked or coated
9 month shelf life
18g protein: whey protein isolate
Non GMO ingredients
Low-fat & high-fiber
No preservatives, artificial flavorings, sweeteners or colors
100% Soy-Free
Blended in small batches


The Protein Bar Pick of this Site

PROsnack Natural Foods Elev8 Me! Bars, Box Of 12, All-Fruit Original 

 ELEV8Me!   is a natural protein and whole fruit energy bar, made fresh daily by a family company in a kitchen, not a lab! The original family recipe, each 66g triple pack will  ELEV8 you with simply natural ingredients: 18g protein and whole fruits. No fillers. Nothing artificial. Ever.

No added sweeteners or preservatives, cold-formed, gluten-free, soy-free and sulfite-free. Available in 6 delicious flavors.

Key Ingredient Benefits

Whey protein

  • antioxidant and immune system builder
  • short chains and peptides, so it is often absorbed within 10 minutes of ingestion
  • helps rebuild muscle tissue after exercise


  • High in vitamin C and fiber
  • Bioflavinoids protect eyes
  • Excellent source of antioxidants


  • High in vitamin E, potassium and calcium
  • Source of iron, magnesium, zinc, B-Complex
  • Low in saturated fat, no cholesterol


  • Source of potassium, sodium-free, fat-free
  • High in dietary fiber
  • Contains boron which strengthens bones



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