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 What are people saying about the Primorye® Stress Relief Plus?

Endurance and Stress Relief Liquid Formula


Being an athlete is about using your body under much stress and tension. Once I started taking Primorye, I felt healthier, stronger, overall just better. Stress Relief PLUS has allowed me to accomplish my training goals and make the USA Triathlon Team. This product gives me an enormous edge over my competition.

Daniel Clout
World Class Triathlete

"I'm 50 years young and work out regularly. Before Primorye, I woke up with stiff joints every morning and hobbled around for 10 minutes before feeling like I could move. Now I wake up each morning without any joint stiffness."
Charlotte, NC

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"Primorye gives me a calming effect and more energy. When I first took it I felt like I was 17 again."
Venice, CA


I need my Primorye everyday or I am in trouble! I cannot live without this stuff.
Orient, NY

"Endurance and recovery are why I love Primorye. For the most part, I'm an emotional guy on the mound. Sometimes, I get too pumped up. Mental clarity is a big part of the game when I'm out there. Primorye calms me down and keeps me focused and relaxed."
Mike Gallo
Colorado Rockies

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I'm 54 and need all the energy I can get. I've been using Primorye and it has helped to increase my energy. It has helped me to drop the last 5 pounds I've been trying to drop by giving me the little bit of extra energy it's taken to drop the weight.
Mount Vernon, IL


Ive been taking Primorye and all the Oxyfresh Nutritionals since they were introduced. I am very active and in my mid-fifties. I play ice hockey during the winter 3-4 times a week, work out in the gym and attend spin classes. In the summer, I like to run and cycle and workout in the gym. These products, and Primorye, in particular, have allowed me to compete with fewer injuries and with less sickness than athletes who are 20 years younger.
North Vancouver BC

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