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Ironman Competitiors go the Distance

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 John, July 31, 2008

Tim Cushman, left, and Sam Mann warm up on their triathlong bikesCoeur d'Alene 2007 Ironman participants Sam Mann, Tim Cushman, Troy Blood and Jeff Fletcher trained for nearly a year before taking on the daylong competition that involved a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run. They finished strong.

"It was tough out there, but I felt strong...," said Ironman Sam Mann, a personal trainer and owner of Precision Fitness in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Mann served as a personal trainer for Cushman, a former Navy Seal who decided a year before Ironman he needed to get himself back in shape.

"My biggest challenge as I began training was my weight," Cushman says. "I gained weight in recent years and, at 54, had reached 271 pounds. I am convinced a great deal of my training success was directly the result of Oxyfresh Nutritionals, which helped me lose 54 pounds during my first 14 weeks of training."

The intense training took a toll on Cushman's legs and he was popping Ibuprofen constantly to counter the pain. Once Cushman became aware of the Oxyfresh Nutritionals, he replaced the Ibuprofen with Soy SproutPlex.

"My legs would get trashed, but the SproutPlex helped provide substantial relief," Cushamn said.

Personal Trainer seeks Proof

As a personal trainer, Mann wanted to put Oxyfresh Nutritionals to the test.

"I went on a six-week program taking the supplements faithfully while training up to 15 hours a week," Mann said. "After the initial six weeks, I stopped taking the supplements for a month to measure the physical impact."

The results were dramatic. "After two or three days off the supplements, I began feeling less energy, my muscles began taking longer and longer to recover and overall my joints felt more pain," Sam said. "The most significant role the supplements have played is with recovery, given my rigorous schedule." Mann trained with a full regimen of Oxyfresh Nutritionals, including Primorye, Primorye OTG™, Digestive Enzymes, Soy SproutPlex and Super Antioxidant.

Golf Pro Excels In Coeur d'Alene

Troy Blood powers up a hill on the Ironman courseIronman Troy Blood, a golf pro participating in his third triathlon, was impressed with the physical support he received from Oxyfresh Nutritionals.

"One of the biggest benefits I noticed from the supplements was the recovery time between workouts," Blood said. "My energy was revived much quicker and that allowed me to put a more productive effort into my rough trainig schedule."

Blood trained with a variety of Oxyfresh products and was most impressed the the adaptogenic formula in the energy drink Primorye OTG™ and Primorye Stress Relief Plus.

"I was surprised how well I felt after the race," Blood said. "I finished an hour better than I anticipated and I paced myself well on the course. I credit that largely to the Primorye products."

The adaptogens in Primorye work as antioxidants, protecting cellular membranes from the adverse effects of free radical build up that can lead to muscle injury. Additionally, the robust herbs increase the ability of cells to manufacture and use cell fuel more efficiently, helping boost endurance.

Firefighter Appreciates Nutritional Fuel

Jeff Fletcher loosens up on a training runIronman Jeff Fletcher, a firefighter / paramedic, said the intensity of training for athletic events in the past has taken a huge physical toll as his immune system weakens.

"In the past, as my training became more rigorous leading up to a race, I would always get sick," Fletcher said. "The biggest boost I received from Oxyfresh products was my ability to stay healthy and recover quickly. These are qualities that are often overlooked or underestimated."

Fletcher said Oxyfresh Nutritionals allowed him to steadily build his training without extended periods of rest to recover. This allowed him to build the training base needed to successfully complete Ironman.

"It was a huge relief knowing that my baseline nutiriotnal levels were where they needed to be to take on this challenge. I owe a big part of that to Oxyfresh Nutritionals," he said.

Looking back at the adventure called Ironman, athletes agree a dedicated training schedule, tough mental focus and proper nutrition play a key role in completing the challenge.

"When things got tough out there, it was always good to know I had the nutritional support of Oxyfresh with me every step," Cushman said.

Oxyfresh Nurtritionals are formulated with extremely high quality ingredients to deliver superior physical support at the cellular level, which helped these four finishers in the grueling 2007 Ironman Coeur d'Alene.

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