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Getting Started with Organic Products

There's No Better Time Than The Present

Have you noticed lately that you can virtually walk into any grocery store and find a natural and/or organic food section? Organic foods and products are increasing in popularity every day. Now you may not know alot about organic food and you may be wondering why you would want to spend more for organic food than conventional food. Hopefully, once you're finished reading this column, you'll have the information you need to make the healthy switch to organics.

Organic ProduceEven though producers must list some of their ingredients on the labels, you don't know how those ingredients are grown and processed. On the other hand, with certified organic food, you can rest assured of knowing how the food was grown and processed. You know that all the ingredients are natural and free of harmful chemicals. Organic foods give you the peace of mind of getting healthy, quality products.

Many people eat organic food because it is grown free of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and other potentially harmful chemicals. When produce is NOT grown using organic farming methods, these unnatural substances get absorbed into the plants and therefore get taken into your body when you eat them. Many of these are harmful chemicals and, although approved for widespread use, have been linked to cancer, heart disease, and other life threatening illnesses. A buildup of elements foreign to the body can also cause you to store fat more easily and metabolize food less efficiently.

So far, we have been talking about organic produce and the benefits and decreased risk of their consumption. But what about dairy products and meat? In order to increase milk production, many conventional farmers give cows bovine growth hormone. This is passed into the milk you drink and the meat you eat. You can just imagine the many health hazards associated with their consumption. What about the increased risk of cancer and infections? Hormones are strictly prohibited in the production of organic beef and dairy products.

Certified OrganicAnother major benefit of organic food is that it contains far more vitamins and nutrients than traditionally grown plants. We're not just talking about the amount of each individual nutrient but also the total number of nutrients as well. These nutrients have been known to prevent heart disease, prevent cancer, build strong bones, treat PMS and depression, and even help prevent you from dying during a heart attack. That's because Mother Nature packaged these foods this way. The human body was not designed to ingest food treated or fertilized artificially. So why not eat food the way it was intended to be eaten and which is recognized by the body as perfectly compatible?

Eating organic products helps keep your body in optimum working order, but it’s even more important for the health of your children. Because they are growing so rapidly, children eat more pound for pound than adults do. That means they will take in far more of these chemicals. Children's immune systems are not as fully developed as in adults and, taken in the same concentrations, are more toxic because their concentration per pound of body weight is much higher. That’s why it’s important to monitor what your children eat and make sure it contains lots of healthy, safe organic foods.

Previously, organic products were hard to find. You had to travel to many different outlets to find what you wanted, if you could find them at all. Thanks to increased awareness and demand, you can now find organic products in almost every store, and not just fruits and vegetables but organic meats, pastas, and even shampoos and skin care. Not only that, but increased production and demand has led to steadily decreasing prices, which makes it more affordable than ever to be healthy. As a testament to their popularity, you only need look at the number of organic home delivery businesses that have sprung up in virtually every corner of the country. There's no need to put off the switch to organic any longer. You can get started today.



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